Sunday, March 02, 2008

Kitchen Kapers

I love to cook, especially at my float cabin. Our kitchen is compact but functional. It's plenty of room for one, but two makes a crowd. On one wall you will find my sink and shelves to store my pots and pans. The window has a great view of the entrance into the Hole in the Wall. With a view like that, you almost don't mind doing dishes.

When John built our cabin he installed a hand pump. It draws water from about six feet below the lake surface. To be safe, we boil it before drinking. Continue around the L-shaped counter and there is my small stove. Open wall shelves hold our dishes and food. Under the counter is are two plastic drawer units. To deter mice, we keep foodstuffs in containers, especially when we aren't there. We've been very lucky so far.

Tucked under the stairs to loft is a small refrigerator. It even has a freezer which really comes in handy during the summer for ice to make ice cream. Both the stove and refrigerator run on propane. Along with propane lights, a 60 lb. tank lasts about six weeks for $54. We have to haul the tanks to town in our boat, but once every six weeks isn't too bad.

I have to be honest. At the cabin, Wayne is first cook. But I do have my specialties including cakes, breads and soups. Check out my section called Cooking for some of my recipes. This goes to show you don't need a big fancy kitchen with lots of electrical appliances to make good food. Do you have any small kitchen stories? -- Margy


  1. Anonymous9:47 AM

    Hi Margy, I love your kitchen it reminds me of the one we had in Montana. We had a propane stove and a wood cooking stove we did have electric lights,but no running water we had a 30gal garbage can in the cabin that the kids kept filled with buckets of water they hauled from the creek.
    Later I will tell you about the bear ~Betty~

  2. You've had a very interesting life Betty. I know for you life in the cabin was much more difficult, but sometimes those times can also bring fond memories. - Margy


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