Saturday, March 15, 2008

Elvis Returns

On Powell Lake there's a point off Goat Island jutting out into the water that the locals call Elvis Point. A nearby float cabin owner loves Elvis Presley. As a present, a relative gave her a life size cutout of The King which she proudly displayed on the rocky promontory behind her cabin. Each season Elvis was lovingly restored.

Every time we go farther up the lake in our boat, we look to see what Elvis is doing. He faithfully stands day and night playing his guitar and singing his favourite tunes. Then one day, following a particularly savage wind storm, we noticed that Elvis had "left the building." It was a very sad occasion for us. We still check the point on every passage, but Elvis hasn't returned. But today, we caught a glimpse of him over at Olsen's Landing so maybe there's hope that he's just on a tour and will be returning home sometime soon. We sure hope so! -- Margy

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