Sunday, February 10, 2008

Extreme Makeover: Boat Edition - The Remodel

Soon after we helped John with the demolition, Wayne and I had to head back to the States for about six weeks. When we returned to Powell River, John had Gemini all torn down and was starting to build her back up.

The interior was completed gutted and the rotten rear walls were replaced with fiberglass covered plywood. The trashed swim grid was removed and the cabin floor was replaced with plywood. The aft compartment where the engine used to reside was decked in. Since no space was needed for the engine, the deck was lowered even with the cabin floor. Consequently, the door had to be remodeled. We opted to go with a glass door rather than a traditional boat door. It was a challenge for John, but he redid the jamb and it fits perfectly.

One thing we could do that didn't take much skill (we're the grunt labor) was sand and paint the hull, so that's where Wayne focused his energy. Wayne really likes bright colors, so what could be brighter than Signal Red. We started with black bottom paint, then red for the hull, and topped it with a white cabin. For the interior, Wayne wanted burgundy, but what we ended up with was more like fuchsia (John calls it bordello pink). When we had to leave again for the States, Gemini was all but done, just a little more paint and a few final touches for John to do in our absence.

We returned in July and were amazed. Gemini was transformed. The ugly twin was gone and the beautiful twin revealed. But you'll have to wait until tomorrow for the rest of the story. -- Margy

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