Friday, February 08, 2008

Extreme Makeover: Boat Edition - Back in the Water Again

You've followed Gemini's progress from an abandoned hulk to a refurbished ship. Her inherent classic lines could finally shine through. But her transformation from a seagoing boat to a writer's retreat wasn't quite finished. While still in the hanger, she got a bright shiny crown, a 120 watt solar panel with two deep cycle batteries tucked neatly into hand crafted aft storage boxes. An inverter and electrical panel inside the cabin made power management simple with the flick of a switch. A ground rod attached to the transom made the system safe for use on the water.

The interior was completed with new wall to wall carpet (with hints of burgundy to match our "bordello pink" walls) and a futon for those "thoughtful" moments. There wasn't room for a true desk, so John built a cantilevered shelf below the front windows where Wayne can sit on a tall barstool and enjoy the scenery while he works. So, with power for his laptop and a portable Big Buddy propane heater for chilly days, Wayne's writer's retreat was complete, or so we thought.

Gemini was ready for Valley Marine to pick her up for her second maiden voyage, this time up the lake to our cabin. We knew she would be pretty light with the engine and all of the interior built-ins removed, but we wouldn't know for sure until she got in the water. Yep, she floated like a cork. In fact, she was so high in the water it was a little dangerous, but it was a calm day. Wayne and John left Mowat Bay and headed north with Gemini in tow.

She had a tendency to S-turn, so the tow line was extended until she settled down and followed along docile as could be to her new home and purpose. But as I've said before, that isn't the end of the story. Come back tomorrow to hear about our big surprise. -- Margy

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  1. Anonymous10:08 AM

    Love the saga of Gemini can hardley wait for the next instalment. Betty


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