Sunday, February 17, 2008

Back in the Saddle

We were "promised" a sunny day by the weatherman, but what we got was fog. That seems to happen in Powell River this time of year. The south coast and Vancouver Island get lots of sun and we get fog. What's there to do on a foggy day? Go look for some of that glorious sunshine.

We left the cabin at 9:00 and headed to town. We called our friend John to see if he wanted to go riding, but he'd already left for Theodosia. We decided to follow. John has a sixth sense for sunshine.

It was noon before we got to Southview Road, parked and unloaded. It has been over a month since our last ride. It took me a few miles and hills to feel comfortable again, but it was good to get back on the trails and into the forest. It is so beautiful and peaceful. I love Theodosia even though part of the trail is a challenge for me. Coming down the trail into the remote inlet where we've anchored our boat always brings fond memories. And sure enough, here was the sun we were seeking.

As I was riding, I wondered why more ATV (quad) enthusiasts don't pick Powell River as a travel destination. We have great backroads and trails to explore. There are so many places to ride you can always find a place all to yourself. The Powell River ATV Club and many individual riders (especially John) are always improving and adding new trails. So here is my invitation to all quad and off-road bikers, come to Powell River and experience what you are missing. Tourism Powell River is a great place to get information about our region. If you want to discover more about the local backcountry, read Up the Main. Go to for more information. -- Margy


  1. Anonymous1:43 PM

    Hi Margy, sounds like you are having a great time up at your float cabin. Don't Inviteto many quad riders to share you peaceful trails or you will have to install traffic singles.LOL
    I see your sister is bloging to you that's great.

  2. I am new to ATV but what I have done I love. I live on Vancouver Island and have taken the ferry over to Powell River once. I could tell by my travels there that there would be some great ATV trails. Hubby had surgery on his shoulder this past winter and is still recouping...but as soon as he is healed we will be out on our ATV' girls love to come over for a visit and get out your blog...

  3. Hi Betty and smalltown rn - See Betty was right, quad riders are heading my way already. We went out on the trails today and only saw four other riders. There's plenty of room here for lots more. It was so sunny and warm today that it made you think summer is just around the corner! But at least the trails weren't dusty. That's a plus! -- Margy

  4. I am back...I was reading some of your previous posts...what a wonderful blog you have here...oh you make me yearn for the outdoors even more...your curtain making is great...and look what you folks have accomplished...I absolutely love your cabin on the's breathtaking...I got to get my butt over there and explore some of those trails you talk about...they just seem simply do our province proud with all your tourism should be getting some kind of kick back from Tourism BC...I am putting your site on my blog roll...thank you for a wonderful tour thus far...


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