Friday, April 09, 2010

Sunrise Over Goat Island

This week the weather has been a mix of sun, clouds, wind, rain, hail and snow. Is this really spring?

One morning I was rewarded with a beautiful sunrise over Goat Island.

And that was the start to a nice, warm spring day. -- Margy


  1. the first photo looks so mysterious. nice pics! happy weekend!

  2. Great photos Margy! Hope the winds didn't cause too much trouble. Both the islands seem to be taking quite a hit from the winds and there was snow on Haida Gwaii and here I am in Ontario with a record set last month for the only time in recorded history where there was no snow in Toronto!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. 'Tis glorious! I've been watching chickadees digging a nest out of an old tree.
    I love the variable temps, you never know what the day will bring, Muskoka-way, too!!!!

  4. What a beautiful, misty morning. I love the name of the island! Why is it called Goat Island? For the obvious reason?

  5. Thanks you to everyone for stopping by to see my sunrise post. I never get tired of watching Goat Island.

    lizziviggi - I don't know the origin of the name Goat Island, but there are mountain goats in the higher rocky slopes. We also have a Goat Lake and Goat River nearby.