Saturday, April 21, 2018

Sunrise Over Goat Island

This month the weather has been a mix of sun, clouds, wind, rain, and even some hail. Is this really spring?

Recently I was up early enough to be rewarded with a beautiful sunrise over Goat Island. In winter, the sun moves far to the south across the bay from our float cabin home.

During spring, the sun starts to climb up the side of nearby Goat Island until it crests the top in summer.

There's nothing like a sunny start to a nice, warm spring day.

Now I can get out and continue planting my float garden and deck pots. Is spring late in coming to your area?

Today is Sky Watch Friday. Go to the Sky Watch Friday website and you'll see sky photos from all over the world!

A new meme is All Seasons. Stop by and take a look. -- Margy

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