Saturday, August 19, 2023

Summer 2023 Update

It's amazing how fast Summer 2023 is flying by. We're back to our regular summer schedule here at our float cabin on Powell Lake. We arrived mid-May and plan to depart in mid-October. That gives us enough time to prepare for our winter Snowbird trip to Tucson, Arizona.

I've been remiss in writing blog posts regularly, so here is a recap of summer highlights to bring you up to date.


Getting home is always exciting. The days were sunny but cool and mornings called for a fire in the woodstove to take the chill off.

Spring flowers that reseeded themselves including Poppies and Penstemons gave us a riot of colour to enjoy.


By June we settled into a routine. Each morning we had coffee on the porch to watch the sun rise over Goat Island backlighting tall trees.

Weekly town trips included stops at the condo to check mail, shopping for groceries and a few special events like the "Paint and Sip" party led by local artist Ursala Medley at the historic Old Courthouse Inn.


July brought warm weather to enjoy outdoors. Summer concerts at Willingdon Beach included the PRISMA music academy and a fund raiser for River City Kids.

Our Xplore satellite internet went out in May. It took until July to get a repairman up the lake. We are happy Lee is now available locally for future needs.

I harvested my red currants to make a small batch of jelly.

 Up the Lake by Wayne Lutz

 If you are interested in learning more about float living, use the category list on the right to select topics of interest. You can also get a free e-book or Kindle copy of Wayne's first book in the Coastal BC Stories series titled Up the Lake. It tells about how we discovered our float cabin home and introduces you to the region where we live. It's a great holiday destination in all seasons.

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  1. What a wonderful life you lead!

    1. And you except for all the problems with the gun range nearby.

  2. Found your summing up of this Summer really interesting.

    1. It has been a wonderful summer here in BC on the coast. Unfortunately there are many fires in the interior causing huge devastation and bringing us the smoke.

  3. A float cabin home, I love that idea, and yours looks so cheery and pretty.

    1. Thank you. When we discovered it by accident in 2001 we knew it was the place for us. - Margy

  4. Your summer looks a lot of fun, even though I bet the jam has long gone now, it was fun reading about your days. I love the paint and sip classes too!
    Happy days.
    Wren x

  5. Margy - I have been on a blogging break since June - such a busy (good) summer and I didn't want to be in front of my computer! So I greatly appreciated your summer summary - I will need to do the same! I expect you are on your way to Tucson/already there! Enjoy!

  6. Great pictures! I hope you had a nice autumn.


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