Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Yvonne Maximchuk: Painter, Potter, Author

Drawn to Sea by Yvonne Maximchuk
I love to read about Coastal British Columbia. I found a book in the BC Ferries gift shop called Drawn to Sea: Paintbrush to Chainsaw – Carving Out a Life on BC’s Rugged Raincoast by Yvonne Maximchuk and bought it on the spot. The cover is one of her paintings of our magnificent coast. (Click here to read my review).

I’m a nosy kind of reader. I want to know more about authors I enjoy, especially strong independent women. I found her website and Facebook pages.

Yvonne at Okeover Inlet near Powell River.

A month ago I saw she would be in nearby Comox giving watercolour classes. I inquired about book events. She said no, but maybe we could get together. Wow! I know she's lived in a floathouse, so I invited her to spend the night in my float cabin on Powell Lake.

Up at the float cabin on Powell Lake.

I met her at the ferry and we hit it off right away. After checking in with Wayne, we headed to Magpie’s in Cranbrerry for lunch, then drove up to Lund. We stopped at Okeover Regional Park, the Tug Ghum gallery, and Nancy’s Bakery for cinnamon buns.

Back at the Shinglemill Marina, we got in the Hewescraft for the 25-minute boat ride up to Hole in the Wall. At the float cabin we enjoyed a leisurely dinner with fine wine (thanks to Yvonne) and talked the night away – woman talk like woodstoves, electrical systems, gardens, writing, and life in Coastal BC. Having a guest who understands me and my lifestyle was unique.

The artist in action.

The next day we took the boat around Goat Island. Even with the cloudy skies and showers it was a grand tour. We even met up with our good friend John and Wayne along the way. They say time flies when you are having fun, and my weekend with Yvonne was just like that.

Check out Yvonne’s books. Drawn to Sea is her memoir, and she has co-authored books with Billy Proctor, Echo Bay’s most famous resident.

Yvonne sketching my float garden.

And her artwork is amazing. While Yvonne sat on my front porch, she sketched my float garden in her journal. I’m so honoured.

Information about Yvonne Maximchuk:

Yvonne Maximchuk on Facebook
Yvonne Maximchuk; Painter, Potter, Author

Books by Yvonne Maximchuk:

Drawn to Sea a memoir by Yvonne Maximchuk
Full Moon, Flood Tide by Bill Proctor and Yvonne Maximchuk
Tide Rips and Back Eddies by Bill Proctor and Yvonne Maximchuk
Colour the British Columbia Coast a colouring book by Yvonne

Artwork and Pottery by Yvonne Maximchuk:

Paintings by Yvonne
Pottery and Prints
Books and Cards
Art retreats at SeaRose Studio in Echo Bay

Thanks Yvonne. You are a great author, talented artist, and now I can count you as my friend. -- Margy


  1. I'll have to add that to my Christmas wishlist!

    1. I enjoyed "Drawn to Sea" because it had some commonalities to my change from city to lake life. - Margy

  2. Two fascinating ladies getting together, sure wish I could sketch like her. I'm off to check out her sites.

    1. She's amazing. And the pencil was really neat, when she was done sketching a little water make it like a black and white watercolour painting. - Margy


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