Saturday, January 02, 2016

"Our Life Off the Grid" by J. David Cox

Kick off your new year by reading a book about leaving the big city behind and "going feral" on a small island in Coastal British Columbia. Our Life Off the Grid: An Urban Couple Goes Feral by J. David Cox is such a book.

David and his wife Sal left their urban life in the Vancouver, BC, area, and built a cabin home on land they owned on a remote island up the coast. I learned about this book from another author's blog. Chris Czajkowski wrote a review at her blog Wilderness Dweller.  Chris is the author of many off the grid and wilderness books including And the River Still Sings. I immediately bought David's book in Kindle format and read it cover to cover (so to speak) in a few days.

David and Sal embarked on their off the grid living adventure when they were in their 50s. Over a ten year period, they built their new home from the ground up. They had some help along the way, but by and large their cabin and other amenities are self made. David is very inventive in developing applications that make living far from the city easier. They've created an island home that is comfortable, they have friends in the area, and occasional shopping in the nearest town (even if the boat trips can be harrowing). Read the book to get the details. It's fact filled, yet written in a humorous, page turner manner. But be careful, it may make you want to follow in their feral footsteps.

David and Sal are living their dream. I can relate to that. They live off the grid 100% of the year. Wayne and I are at our float cabin home about 75% of the year in all seasons. I could probably go for 100% except we still enjoy travel to find warmer sunshine during the winter.

Want to know more about David and Sal's lifestyle? Here are a few links listed on their blog.
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I enjoy following David and Sal's ongoing life off the grid on David's blog Off the Grid Living. You can read more about the early years using their archives. Then you can come up to date with David's new book ideas. -- Margy


  1. Sounds like an interesting and exciting read!

  2. I enjoyed it a lot. David and Sal went through some of the same experiences Wayne and I did when we started out living off the grid. He also has a good sense of humour. - Margy


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