Saturday, January 16, 2016

"All You Need Is Enough Rope" by Christine Mander

All You Need Is Enough Rope: A lighthearted look at cottage life by Christine Mander and illustrated (humorously in "doodles") by Michael Eddenden is all that her title promises. It was published by Potlatch Publications in 1981 and is only available as a used print book.

I found mine at a favourite used bookstore in Bellingham WA, Cozy Corner Books and Coffee. If you are in the local area, I'll be turning my copy back in for a credit for new things to read. Ask Chris, the owner, if it's still available. You can also check online. Amazon offers a few used copies.

The book is set in cottage country in Canada. What caught my eye was the title and cover image about transporting a refrigerator on a wobbly looking raft. At our float cabin on Powell Lake we always are trying to get things up and down the lake, including a large refrigerator of our own. I knew this author had experienced some of the same things we have learning to live off the grid.

The book began with finding their property, building a cabin, enjoying their cabin and cottage country life, and then finally having to let their beloved cabin Outspan go. Times and lives change. I dread the thought of that ever happening to us.

There are may funny things that happen along the way. Of course there's the delivery of large appliances like the refrigerator, getting caught skinny dipping when you think you're far from prying eyes, boating woes (been there, done that), and a hiking misadventure. And throughout, Michael Eddenden's "doodles" keop the humor building.

If you have a cottage, cabin, or just want one, All You Need Is Enough Rope is a fun, tongue in cheek adventure of what to do, expect, and never even try. -- Margy


  1. I love it! My dad was so handy at the cottage!

    1. The title and picture caught my eye. Looks like us taking our fridge up to the cabin in an old boat converted into a "barge" to haul stuff up and down the lake. That was way before we bought our real barge. - Maryg

  2. Yay - another good book. Thanks! Mine will be here next week.

    1. I'll watch for it. If you'd like it, I did drop it off at Cozy Books this week. - Margy


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