Friday, July 03, 2015

Cleaning an Enamel Stovetop

Before there were dark stains around the burner.
I love my Premier propane range that I got during our kitchen upgrades in 2011. I use the front two burners extensively, so over time they white enamel around the propane burners has discoloured. Dark stains had baked into the white surface, so my regular sponge and soapy water didn't do the trick.

Applying the vinegar and baking soda paste to the stains.
I've heard about using baking soda and vinegar as a natural cleaner, but I'd never tried it before.

Wow! What a miracle cleanser.

Use a toothbrush and Q-tip for those tight spots.
I made a thick paste of baking soda and vinegar and covered all of the areas that were stained. I let that sit for fifteen minutes before using a sponge to remove the majority of the discolouration. The darkest spots took two applications.

Here are the results.

I was so pleased that it was so simple. I should have done it a lot sooner. Now that I know the trick I'll keep on top of it rather than wait.

The stovetop is all clean after using baking soda and vinegar.

While I was at it, I used the solution on my white plastic spoon holder that was darkened by coffee stains. It was clean and brand new looking in the wink of an eye.

Do you use natural cleaners? What's worked well for you? -- Margy


  1. I accidentally burned some rice onto the bottom of a pan, got most off but had a really hard time cleaning it. Left a pan of vinegar and baking soda in it overnight, drained it, used a tiny bit of baking soda as paste and it came right off. Really works so much better than anything else - and cheap too!

    1. Good to know. I've heard of using vinegar and baking soda before but this was my first try. I was pretty impressed. - Margy

  2. Nice, I'll try it on my enamal sink.

    1. Fortunately, my kitchen sinks are metal. They are easy to clean but I have dinged them dropping a heavy pot. Oops. - Margy


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