Monday, April 20, 2015

Cabin Baking: Using Frozen Sourdough Biscuit Dough

Last month I used some of my starter to make Buttery Sourdough Pan Rolls. Even though I cut the original recipe in the cookbook in half, I had enough dough left over to freeze for later. Here's how I used it.

The recipe I used for the rolls didn't call for kneading because as the cookbook said, "rolls are small, so gluten doesn't need to be strong enough to hold up the weight of a loaf."

Oil pan and coat with cornmeal.
Rather than using the dough for more biscuits, I formed it into a small loaf. I have a small loaf pan I found at the thrift store that was just about the right size for the dough I had left.

Work cold dough with your hands.
I let the dough thaw, but before it got to room temperature, I used my hand to work it up a bit. My thinking was that it would help work up the gluten a bit more. Once it got sticky, I stopped and formed it into loaf shape.

Let rise until double.
I oiled and dusted the loaf pan with cornmeal. After placing the dough in the pan, I covered it and put it in a warm place near my stove to raise until double.

Slit top, drizzle with herb butter.
I used a sharp knife to slit the top. I also melted a tablespoon of butter with dried thyme, garlic powder and a bit of salt. I used that to drizzle over the top of the dough before baking.

Since it was a small loaf, I baked it at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes.

The texture of the bread was more crumbly than my kneaded variety, but it tasted great warm with butter, and later warmed up by pan toasting.

Not making it into rolls helped us stretch it over several meals, rather than gobbling down all the rolls in one sitting. Plus, it was way easier.

Do you use frozen bread dough? Do you have any tips for me? -- Margy


  1. It looks good. I wonder if all dough freezes well? We have a good recipe too but haven't made it in awhile. My husband is cutting down on daily bread but still would like some occasionally and pulling a bit out of the freezer would work for us.

    1. We don't eat much bread either. Freezing part makes us spread it out even longer. I do the same thing with cookies. We only back as many as we should eat at once for dessert and the rest of the dough stays in the freezer. - Margy

  2. It looks yummy. I have never used frozen bread dough. I have been looking gluten free bread to make.

    1. I've never tried gluten free bread, but In know with all the information about it lately there should be some good recipes online. - Margy

  3. Wow - that looks and sounds good. I've not made bread for a long time - but I think tomorrow is a good day for that. The weather is going back to cooler so bread just might be the plan.

    1. When I used my woodstove, I only made bread in the winter. Even then I had to open the door to moderate the heat indoors. Now with my propane oven I can do it on any relatively cool day.


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