Saturday, December 13, 2014

Telus Wireless Internet with USB Key

Laptop with Telus Huawei LTE Internet USB key.
With our new cellular signal booster system, we wanted to get wireless Internet at the cabin for our laptops. Wayne's phone has a Telus plan, so we added data.  We chose the Mobile Internet FLEX. It starts at $10 a month for 100MB. With our limited email and Internet needs at the cabin, we have made it through a month.

Connection Manager gives you status reports.
But if you go over, it bumps to $30 for 500MB, $45 for 2GB. Flat rate plans start at $40 for 2GB, use it or lose it. Because our use varies, the FLEX plan is best.

Telus offers a free Huawei LTE mobile internet key with a two year contract. It's not cutting edge technology, but fits our laptop needs.  The onscreen Connection Manager lets you monitor session usage.

A nice feature of the Internet key is that it works anywhere you can make a Telus connection, even out on anchor.

Thing I can't do at the cabin are posting to my blog or visiting my online friends. For that, I have to go to town, and then it's a reading and writing binge. -- Margy


  1. Nice to know you can still be connected off grid!

  2. Goodness that sounds expensive? I get 8 GB for £15 ($27 Canadian dollars). It is the only broadband I have so I need the bigger usage amount. But it is lovely to be able to connect isn't it xxx


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