Tuesday, December 09, 2014

Driftwood Santa Wall Hanging

A bit of the cabin for Christmas in town.
Does wood ever speak to you? Sounds silly, but every time I pick a piece of driftwood out of the lake I listen to what it has to say. Most often it's, "I just came by to help you keep warm this winter."

But other times, driftwood has a different message. Stumps beg to become floating planters. Medium sized gnarly pieces ask to come aboard to decorate our deck. Smaller piece often have a unique message of their own.

This piece of driftwood told me it wanted to become a Christmas decoration we could bring out each year to celebrate the holiday.

I must be honest, I'd just seen an article in the Peak advertising a local crafter's wares at Artique, the local artist cooperative shop. When I saw this piece of wood float by, I knew what it would become.

All it took was some acrylic paint, yarn to make a ball for the top of Santa's hat, and two nails and a piece of yarn on the back for a hanger. The driftwood shape was perfect just the way it was for the task.

I enjoy using handmade decorations for the season, and my driftwood Santa wall hanging fits right in.

Are you making anything special for Christmas this year? -- Margy


  1. So funny, I share you love of driftwood, even bring it home and put it on my windowsills with shells. I have seen similar driftwood santas sold for big bucks at craft fairs (especially those in Alberta). Love this!

  2. Anonymous11:03 AM

    That is perfect Margy, and looks fantastic over the fireplace. I love those little houses too.

  3. I really love this piece. Very cleverly made.

  4. Cheapchick - I love getting ideas at craft fairs and trying them myself. I'm not artistic, but I can be crafty.

    Linda - The wood village was made by one of Wayne's college students many years ago. Not only was he an excellent pilot, later a great instructor, but also an artist. They bring back great memories.

    Thanks Stephanie.


  5. I don't think I'll be making anything new this year - but I have for many christmases. I just love your driftwood santa. I have a few of them too. I saw the cutest santas made from twigs - you cut the top of the twig on a slant for the hat and then paint the santa face and beard - I might make those next year.

  6. He's perfect and brings the outdoors in with him. I just made pumpkin bread - does that count?

  7. Aren't you brilliant??!!!
    We have some local things like this! Of course, driftwood is scarce in the wetland!!!!

  8. I love him! So clever xxx


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