Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Return of Bunny

Bunny was born in 2003 when my float garden was new. Wayne brought him to the cabin at Easter that year, and Bunny has lived there ever since.  Living outdoors 24/7 can be tough. In 2008, Bunny came indoors for a short stay and some reconstructive surgery

This year, Bunny came in for a facelift. His plywood back brace was a bit curved, but still sound. Over the last six years (that's so hard to believe), his colours have yellowed and faded. A repaint front and back returned Bunny to his former glory.

Now Bunny's back in his garden home, watching over his budding veggies. Live long and prosper! -- Margy


  1. Anonymous11:57 AM

    I'm sure bunny brings a big smile every time you see him. His new paint job looks great.

  2. Bunny looks fabulous and great fun xxx

  3. You look great bunny - just don't let your friends in to eat the garden

  4. Faboulous bunny,happy summer, greeting from Belgium

  5. retriever - Thanks for the visit and comment. Belgium is a long ways across the ocean. Nice you could visit with such ease.

    Fran - It's nice to have him back. How is your allotment going?

    The last time I was out in the garden, a mouse had dug a tunnel at Bunny's feet. Too bad I didn't paint him up like a scare bunny. - Margy


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