Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Gowlland Harbour Anchorage

One of our first cruises on the chuck (ocean) this season took us to Gowlland Harbour on the southwest tip of Quadra Island. From the Strait of Georgia to the south, you reach Gowlland Harbour through the Discovery Channel that runs between Campbell River on Vancouver Island and Quadra Island.

Entering the channel, you pass the Cape Mudge Lighthouse. The weather observing and reporting, light and fog horn have been automated.

The passage can develop strong currents, eddies and whirlpools as the tide is compressed through the 25 kilometre (14 mile) long and 2 kilometre (1.2 mile) wide channel. About half the way through you will find the entrance into protected Gowlland Harbour on the right between Steep and Gowlland Islands.

The anchorage is protected by a ring of islands and the curved shore of Quadra Island, but when northwest winds blow there can be a bit of chop. You can tell this is a protected spot from all the log booms tied and waiting along the west shore.

We motored slowly to the head of the bay and dropped our anchor in 35 feet of water.

The bottom here is muddy with good holding. Because it was June, we were the only boat in this portion of the bay.

If you don't like to anchor, there is moorage available at the SeaScape Resort on the east shore. They also offer power, showers, resort accommodations, and kayak rentals.

After a pleasant evening, we got up to fix a quick breakfast before heading over to the Discovery Harbour Marina at Campbell River to get fuel and visit the adjacent shopping mall to resupply the boat with some good things to eat.

One of the many great things about living in Powell River, is having wonderful places like this to visit in our own back yard. -- Margy


  1. I did not realize that Quadra had a lighthouse. Looks like a beautiful trip!

  2. What a wonderful trip! I'd forgotten about bats. They come down our fireplace flue.sigh.
    cheers form this landlubber!

  3. Such a lovely trip - and wonderful photos. I love the peacefulness of the blue water.

  4. The Campbell River area is so pretty, love that part of the water. We are taking a tour in late June for wildlife viewing in this exact area. We saw transient Orcas there last year, hoping for the same this year. Cheers!

  5. Thanks to you my most faithful readers. Your comments are always such a welcome sight. I feel bad that I'm not able to respond as quickly as I would like. It would be easier with Internet at the cabin, but on the other hand, maybe that would make cabin life harder, if you know what I mean. - Margy

    Cheapchick - We are going out on a cruise this coming week, hopefully to the Broughtons. I hear there is a greater possibility of seeing Orcas up there. Hope so. - Margy


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