Monday, May 12, 2014

Ready, Set, Grow

I've been up at the cabin for almost a week, and it's been a very productive one. The weather has been sunny and warm, interspersed with light rain. Perfect for starting my gardening for the year.

A month ago, I worked up my float garden soil and dug in steer manure to replenish some of the nutrients that were washed away during the heavy winter rains.

I planted all four beds with lots of veggies we like to eat: spinach, ruby chard, curly kale, lettuce, beets, and onions.

This year I am skipping strawberries. They take up too much space and haven't produced well lately. Time to give the soil a rest and change.

Everything is ready and set to grow. I can hardly wait for my first June harvest of baby greens.

Are you gardening? What are your favourite things to grow? -- Margy

p.s. Thanks Susan for highlighting my floating garden on your blog last week. It was fun to share with your readers.


  1. Your gardens are looking really neat. I am on leave this week, so working on the allotment. My favourite veggies are beetroot, runner beans, dwarf curly kale and tomatoes, oh and lots of garlic. I have just had lots of top soil delivered to top up all my beds, which were also drained by the rain xxx

  2. I'm not a gardener - but it looks delightful! What is that little house on top of the pole? Is it for birds? What kinds would you expect to see?

  3. You always have such a wonderful garden!

  4. Anonymous11:51 AM

    the float garden looks great. I've been planting too ... kale was planted on May 9 and by May 13 the tiny shoots were all showing. This is a first time for growing kale, hoping it does well. I've also planted tomatoes, potatoes, peas, and beans.

  5. Looking forward to seeing it in full bloom. I planted Swiss chard, romaine lettuce, kale, sunflowers.

  6. Such calming photos. I am growing only potatoes this year - in a giant pot on the deck. I have most of my flowers in - got a snowball bush and 2 white lilac bushes - and geraniums of course. Ahhh spring and summer in the Pacific Northwest.

  7. Fran - I envy all the soil in your allotment. Are you doing any container gardening on the barge?

    mick - Yes, it's a birdhouse for tree swallows. They return every spring and help us eliminate mosquitoes.

    JoAnn - Flowers are such a great thing to have in the garden. I sure miss my daffodils. My geraniums have a long way to grow.

    Looks like a lot of people are enjoying chard and kale. I used to only plant spinach and lettuce, but love the staying power of chard and kale.



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