Saturday, May 03, 2014

Deterring Mice

While we've only had a few mice get into the cabin, they are constant "companions" outdoors.

We have two places that are problematic. One is our electrical closet at the back of the cabin. It houses our inverter and batteries with lots of chewable wires. There's also a cut through the cabin wall for an indoor control lever that's a worry.

The other location is our outdoor garbage pail. It's sealed, but mice have to explore the lid every night and leave their "calling cards" to let us know their displeasure at the locked entry. We want to evict them from both locations as soon as possible. Recently I read a book that suggested scented dryer softener sheets and mothballs.

Even though they say it's an old wives tale, I figured it was worth a try. We poured a third of a box of mothballs down the opening between the studs in the electrical closet and stuffed dryer sheets around the opening.  For my garbage pail I made mothball "party favours" wrapped in dryer sheets.

At both locations the mice have stopped their nocturnal visits. It probably isn't a solution for a large area, but for localized spots it seems to work. I know I will need to refresh the supply periodically as the mothballs disintegrate and the dryer sheets loose their oomph.

WARNING: Chemicals in mothballs are dangerous. Follow directions, and don't use them near children and pets.

Do you have any mouse deterrent stories? What has worked for you? -- Margy


  1. I had two cats who weren't mouse deterrents, although one day I came home to find a headless mouse in my hallway. My theory is Herman chased the mouse down the hall, and Ava, who waited there for people to come by so she could slash their ankles, mistook the running mouse for a person and chomped its head off.
    One day I discovered where they were coming in, so I emptied the cabinet and sent in Herman, Ava, my little dog Niña, and the neighbors' Springer Spaniel. The hunt was unsuccessful, and another neighbor stopped up the hole, relieving me of my mouse problem.
    But for the rest of her life, Niña would bark happily at that kitchen cabinet every couple of weeks. I'm sure she just wanted to have another pet party.
    PS—that is a very cute mouse photo you have there.

  2. Good tips to know if I ever encounter mouse problems. Cute critter though.

  3. Our cats are pretty good, but the mice are ubiquitous. The red squirrel has been bad, too. sigh

  4. I have heard of the dryer sheet method although never tried it. Little buggers.


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