Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Tin Boat

Up at the cabin we have a very important boat. She doesn't have a fancy name.  She just goes by, "The Tin Boat." But without her, our chores around the float wouldn't be as easy.

She's 14 feet in length with a bright red upper hull.  Our good friend John found her for us used, and we've used her a lot more since. She came with a run-out motor, so we purchased a new Honda 15-hp outboard. It's about the maximum she can handle.  Even so, we had to beef up her transom to handle the extra weight and power.

Here Wayne's working on one of our cliffside anchor cables. When you live on the water, you need lots of boats for lots of reasons. -- Margy


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  2. That is a lovely reflection of The Tin boat in the water.

  3. So this is what "floats your boat". (Sorry, poor attempt at humor!)
    The Tin Boat is very photogenic AND obviously so useful. I'm impressed by how stable Wayne looks on it. Must have good "lake" legs.
    PS --- sorry I have not been by for a while. Your pictures, stories, and cooking/baking are still so wonderful! I've been practicing with a women's chorus that sings central and eastern European village songs. Here is my debut performance with the group at Pasadena Presbyterian (I am next to the last as we come in with an orange scarf, and 2 minutes in I am 3rd from the right.)

  4. PSS --- I'd Rather Be Flying = Tash from PV Daily Photo


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