Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Coastal BC Plants: Mushrooms


This time of year, mushrooms are big business in Powell River.  Locals and visitors alike comb the forest floors for edible shrooms such as Pine Mushrooms, Chanterelles, and more. Mushroom buyers pop up in town almost as quick as the shrooms themselves.

Up at the cabin we don't see many of the edible versions, but we do have our own fungal displays just the same.  Here's a cluster sprouting from the edge of our on-shore shed.
All the moist weather makes even the wood foundation a healthy growing spot.  I think these are called Mycena fusco-occula.  If you are a shroom expert, maybe you can help out with the identification. Even if they were edible, they don't look substantial enough to bother with. -- Margy


  1. I love discovering fungi. Yours look fairly small.
    The term magic mushrooms refers to ones that contain psilocybin that is a hallucinogen and are taken as a drug. I'm sure your mushrooms don't live up to the title.

  2. Well Crafty, I have to be honest I used a little poetic license. It sounded a bit catchier than Unknown Mushrooms. Thanks for being such a consistent reader and commenter. - Margy

  3. I love taking photos of mushrooms, to eat some from the wild, have never had the desire to eat them. I prefer the ones in the grocery store.

  4. Large, plate-size fungi used to grow on the trees of the BC coast, but I hadn't seen any of them for many years prior to my move to dry country. I remember that, when I was a little kid, my grandmother had one someone had dried and used as canvas for a painting.
    I remember them as huge, and in my memory they're dinner-plate size, but were more likely sandwich-plate size.
    Do you ever see such things in your wanderings on the back roads?

  5. As a child, I helped my dad pile up wood for the woodstove, and I was always fascinated by the mushrooms I'd find growing on the logs.

    Enjoyed your post!

  6. I like mushrooms and we gather the Chanterelles here on the tree farm but I don't know any others so wouldn't try them if I picked them. MB

  7. OOOH, LOVE mushrooms! I'm surprised you have Chanterelle growing now! That is awesome. Those lovely's growing from the edge of your on-shore shed...I believe they are little brown mushrooms, better known as LBM's, you are right, not something you want to eat. They are pretty though:)

  8. Kay - I think those are called Shelf Fungus and even Artist's Fungus (for obvious reasons). I've seen lots of beautiful pictures painted on them. I've also seen them carved like scrimshaw.

    I'm with all of you. I don't know enough to be safe picking mushrooms to eat. But there are classes offered here is Powell River. Maybe I should take one.



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