Friday, May 18, 2012

Travel Channel "Extreme Houseboats" Filming on Powell Lake, BC

About a year ago, I heard from a producer for a Travel Channel show called "Extreme Houseboats." We talked on the phone and I explain a float cabin was quite different from a houseboat. It's built on a log float rather than a hull, and has a permanent location rather than a motor. I also explained we were on a remote lake in Coastal BC.

Not unexpectedly, the producer called back to say they would "keep me in mind." I figured that was it. Then suddenly last month I got another call to schedule a filming date for an international segment of "Extreme Houseboats." Nina Giannelli of Powderhouse Productions in Massachusetts made all the arrangements to tell the story of float cabin living on Powell Lake. What an experience!

We all met at Vancouver Airport and flew to Powell River together. After looking at their baggage, we decided to bring two boats to the Shinglemill the next morning to bring them up the lake. Nina brought a freelance Canadian film crew with her. Mark Barry, the sound mixer, followed us with his large "shaggy dog" mike. Chris Bedyk had cameras large and small to capture float cabin living in all its glory.

Of course, they were intrigued with my floating garden. And Wayne's boat called Gemini that's converted into a writer's retreat was also a hit. Nina had two of the Coastal BC Stories books to read before coming to met us. That way she could get a feel for what off-the-grid living is like.

All three members of the crew enjoyed their visit to Powell River and our cabin home. We don't know when the show will be televised, probably several months from now. I'll keep you all posted.

No big event like this can happen without help from special people. Big thanks go out to:

Dave Formosa, Mayor of Powell River
Kim Miller, Manager of the Powell River Chamber of Commerce
Shelley Halliday, Manager of the Town Centre Hotel
And John for building the best float cabin on Powell Lake

Margy and Wayne - Powell River Books


  1. How exciting! I expect I will have to wait until it comes up on Discovery channel, but I shall certainly keep a watch out. Can I have your autograph now you are famous! Have a good weekend xxx

  2. Good for you! I might even turn on the TV for this, if you let us know when.

  3. That's exciting, Margy. Congrats to you and Wayne. Once this show airs, there may be a rush of people looking to build their own float home on Powell Lake.


  4. Thanks Fran and Paul. It was a 10-hour filming day to get less than 10 minutes of show. They should let us know, but I'll be watching the Travel Channel and Powederhouse websites to make sure I don't miss it. - Margy

  5. Wil - That may be true, but there has been a moratorium on building additional cabins since 1999. But it may help existing cabins increase in value if they ever come up for sale, which isn't very often. - Margy

  6. Wow, now I can say "my famous friend Margy" when I mention you.
    Isn't it strange how it takes 10 hours to film a 10-minute segment? Mind you, we take hundreds of digital photos and only post the best.
    Pretty exciting for you, though. Wish I'd been a fly on the float.

  7. Hey this is exciting news! Do let us know when it will be televised.

  8. Hey that sounds like big news. I can't wait to see it.

  9. Kay - Is that famous or infamous? - Margy

  10. What a great story Margy and very exciting. Can't wait to watch the show.

  11. Permanent log float? Don't logs eventually get waterlogged and sink??

  12. Such a neat thing to have happen!! You are living the dream life and we so thank you for sharing it with us!!


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