Monday, May 14, 2012

Spring Wood Hunt

One of the down sides to a long, cool spring is a nearly depleted woodshed. Looking forward to a few more weeks of woodstove use, we went on a last minute spring wood hunt.

Floating wood takes a while to dry enough to burn. We decided to find some wood along the shoreline that already had a head start.

We only took enough to fit in the tin boat. That's enough for now, plus it was enough for our energy level and my hand's endurance so soon after surgery.

With the load balanced fore and aft, we headed home. The wood will still need a little drying time, but hopefully the sun predicted for the next week will help.

One advantage of bringing the wood back already cut is that it could be tossed right from the boat into the floating woodshed, then neatly stacked for maximum sun exposure.

Now it looks a lot better. Wood in the shed is like money in the bank. Without it, we couldn't live in our cabin year round. -- Margy


  1. Fantastic! Puts our little bit of driftwood to shame :(. Xxx

  2. Lots of fn, and good work. Take care or yourself!

  3. Great post on a much needed necessity.


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