Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Gaggle of Greedy Geese

Up until this year I’ve been thrilled when the Canada Geese come through showing off their new babies. But it is different this year. That’s because they finally discovered my floating garden. My short fence was no match for their desire to feast on my fragrant strawberries and luscious lettuce.

It has been doubly disappointing since the plants in my floating garden have been struggling this year. What the geese didn’t devour, they trampled with their big feet and heavy bodies. The “babies” are almost adult size already.

When I see them paddling through, I run out to protect what is left. They nonchalantly head on over to one of our garden logs on the breakwater and eat their fill. If geese had thumbs, I’m sure they would be giving me the high sign.

Next year I will need to rethink my garden fence to a sturdier, higher model. But will also need to be a removable one so that I can work and pick when they aren’t nearby. Does anyone have any suggestions? -- Margy


  1. Shame on those geese. How about a big roasting tin and a laminated roast goose recipe stuck to a post!!!!!

  2. Good idea Fran, but I'm not sure that would even get their attention. For sure they aren't afraid of owls. My plastic one sat there through the whole episode and they didn't bat an eye or ruffle a feather. Maybe owls only work on small birds. But as I recall, even the Junco's thumbed their noses at him. Oh the indignity. -- Margy


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