Saturday, January 16, 2010

Squirrel Creek Bridge Ride

Today we opted for a warm truck rather than our quads for a ride into the bush. Our destination was the Squirrel Creek Bridge up the Eldred River valley. Well, that's not technically true. We went to where the Squirrel Creek Bridge used to be before it was removed by helicopter by Plutonic Power to transport to their run-of-river project in Toba Inlet. Now access to this portion of our back country is cut off.

We followed Goat Main all the way from the junction with Dixon Road south of Powell River. It's a major logging road and is easy to drive, except for the last few kilometres that are water barred to help prevent erosion by streams crossing the roadbed.

Along the way there are beautiful sights. Lakes with brilliant reflections. Forests in many shades of green. Snow capped peaks sparkling in the sunlight. Sheer granite cliffs glistening after yesterday's rain. And lots and lots of roaring creeks and streams. We are so lucky here in Powell River to have so much beauty within a day's reach. It is sad that several more of our main routes into the back country might be lost.

The following are a few shots from today's trip.

If you love the outdoors, come join us to explore Powell River's wonderful back country. Want to learn more about it? Take a look at Up the Main and ride along with Wayne and I on the many roads and trails our region has to offer. -- Margy


  1. Hi Margy, great pics! I love the one of the bare rock face...passed many of those along the highway between Rupert and Terrace.
    It is bad enough that the logging roads really don't go anywhere but to deactivate them is so annoying!!
    Have fun and smiles

  2. Such gorgeous images! I could almost feel myself walking around! LOL

    Just stopped by to say hi and send a special kiss. Thank you for your your lovely words as always. :o)


  3. Looks like you had a great ride/hike. I like the lake with reflection.
    Hope to see you soon.

  4. Thanks for sharing your trip and great photos

  5. Anonymous9:08 PM

    This is a great example that proves that a simple trip by truck can be as exciting (in a different way) than travel by quad.


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