Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Pool Man Canadian Style

Do you have a swimming pool? I bet it needs periodic cleaning to keep it sparkling. Well, our "swimming pool" at the cabin is just the same. Only our "pool man" cleans it with a pike pole, not a broom.

When the lake level rises, wood and logs are released from the shorelines to float aimlessly across the surface. Wind and current push the debris slowly up and down the lake. Some works its way through our protective log boom and takes up residence in our "yard."

This week Wayne went out to clean up the mess. He used our 14' pike pole to grab the logs and push them on their way. Pike poles are a traditional logging tool. Long aluminum (these days) poles are tipped with a two-pronged end. The sharp, straight end is used to push logs away. The curved spike is used to grab and pull logs. As you can see, some of the stove-sized lengths were hauled aboard the float to dry out. Later we'll saw them up for firewood. Maybe not a usual task for your pool man, but a handy addition out here in the bush. -- Margy


  1. That's a log of logs. I wonder what's behind our cabin?

  2. Margy,
    We are just now doing a book on tiny houses. Your floating cabin (+garden) look great! Could you send me yr. email address so I can contact you.
    Lloyd Kahn, Editor, Shelter Publications

  3. I guess no matter where you live there are those outdoor jobs that need to be done!

  4. Firewood just for the taking! Especially when it's on the lake and not the salt chuck...that salt can do terrible things to the inside of a wood stove!

    Last time I moved I found one of my ex-husband's pike poles...they're great tools for almost anything.


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