Thursday, November 05, 2009

John On a Cold Wet Roof

Last April I shared pictures of our neighbour Jess putting a roof on his new cabin. I called it "Jess On a Hot Tin Roof." This fall, John has been working hard to get the roof on his new cabin. While a few days were sunny and "warm," none of them were hot. In fact, some were downright rainy, windy and cold. Still, John kept at it to get his hard work covered and protected before the onslaught of winter.

So far you've seen John raise his ridge pole and add the rafters. Now it's time for the metal roof to go up. Because the panels were heavy, Wayne and I towed our raft down to the marina to pick up the load. Fortunately, Rona's truck delivered everything right to the raft.

First came a sheet of tar paper followed by the metal panel. Strip by strip up it went, drilled and screwed into place by John. Now the rest of the work will be somewhat protected from the harsh elements. -- Margy


  1. Gee, that looks like a pretty nice "cabin"!

  2. The log barge is a good idea for moving stuff up the lake. Is that a communal barge or is it a private operation.


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