Sunday, October 04, 2009

Tweeking the Transom

When you live on a lake, you like to have your boats and engines be reliable ones. A little over a year ago, our good friend John located a used 14' tin boat with a 15 hp motor for us. Both have served us well, but the engine has progressively gotten worse. Every few months something went wrong. John is a master mechanic and always got it back in working order, but it wasn't reliable.

On several occasions, we barely got it re-started to get home. One notable incident involved a plastic part flying out at Wayne when he pulled the starter cord. After that, we asked John to help us find a new motor for our trusty little tin boat. We ended up purchasing a new Honda 15 hp 4-stroke outboard to replace the old, tired Evinrude. But don't be too sad. I'm sure the Evinrude will find a new use either in John's or our endeavors.

The new Honda is quiet and smooth, but also heavier. After John helped us get it installed, he and Wayne took it for a test drive. It was immediately evident that the transom would need beefing up to handle the heavier, more powerful Honda. John gave the dimensions to a local fabricator for an aluminum plate. Placed over the back of the transom, it stopped the wood from flexing when power was applied.

Once it was glued and riveted in place, we were ready to go fishing. But another down side of our new motor is it's increased power at idle. To slow down to trolling speed we have to use the "two bucket" method. But the up side is we have a reliable boat for pleasure and emergencies at the cabin. -- Margy


  1. That is one big honking engine.I is amost bigger then the boat.I bet it really can go "Up The Lake".
    ~~ Hugs Betty ~~

  2. Great shots, I too love fishing.

    All the best
    Regina In Pictures

  3. You are lucky. Art would love to get his hands on a tin boat...

  4. Must be great to have a friend who can help make it happen.

    These are wonderful shots.

  5. Anonymous10:05 PM

    I just got a 15hp suzuki on my 12' boat so I could plane out with 4 people. Also did the 4 blade prop... I bet I'll have a similar issue with a fast troll. You could try to get a lower pitch prop if power and hauling heavy loads is more important... although the bucket method is a great idea a loads cheaper!


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