Saturday, October 17, 2009

Coastal BC Insects: Obtuse Sawyer

Obtuse Sawyer

If you take the time to look, there are discoveries everywhere. Last year on Peter's deck I saw a beetle with very long antennae. From the Insects of the Pacific Northwest guide, I think it was an Obtuse Sawyer (Family Cerambycidae). It is a long-horned beetle well known for wood boring. Trees around here hardly have a chance, the Western Conifer Seed Bugs destroy the cones and the wood borers destroy the trees.

Eggs are laid on the bark and the larvae do the boring damage. Fortunately, most species prefer weakened, dying or freshly cut logs. The Obtuse Sawyer (Monochamus obtusus) is one of these.

If you want to see some excellent insect pictures, head on over to Wanderin Weeta's site. Susannah is from Delta BC and she takes pictures throughout the lower mainland. I especially love her closeups! -- Margy


  1. Thanks for the link, Margy!

    The Western Conifer Seed Bugs are showing up around here; we find one or two every couple of days. I haven't seen the Sawyers, though.

  2. I found a white-footed sawyer this year. All the bugs are sleeping today. I'm ready for a nap myself.

    Nice shout out! Another blog I must follow!!!! :-)

  3. I so love the bugs...
    Thank you for the link. Even tho I live in the Mid-west my daughter lives in Portland. She will enjoy learning about the bugs in her area.
    I have enjoyed catching up with you this evening.

  4. We have the Pine Beetle doing all the damage in our neck of the woods.


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