Saturday, September 05, 2009

Girls Day Out

My mom is visiting me in Powell River this month. When the weather is nice, she comes up to the cabin, along with her (our) cat Stick Tail. They both enjoy getting out in the fresh air and sunshine. But when the weather is a bit cool or rainy, she and the cat enjoy the pleasures of our condo in town. I come down the lake every few days to check on how things are going and to have a girls day out.

We usually go shopping for groceries or just browse through the Economy Shop thrift store. Mom loves a bargain as much as I do. After we've "saved" lots of money by making our purchases there, we splurge on going out to lunch. Last week we went to the Savoury Bight Seaside Restaurant at the Beach Gardens Hotel just south of town.

Mom isn't a big eater, so we usually share a sandwich. They were very gracious about it, and even served our meal on separate plates (at no extra charge). The Savoury Bight is on the ocean side of the hotel with a view of the marina and the Malaspina Strait beyond. It's a great place to come on a sunny day so you can sit outdoors on their patio. If you come at sunset, you get a wonderful view with Texada and Harwood Islands in the foreground and the colourful sky reflected in the sea. The pub side also serves meals and drinks in an informal atmosphere.

It never ceases to amaze me how many great restaurants there are in Powell River. Maybe having a joint high school/college culinary arts program in town helps. Whatever the case, come have a taste of Powell River. It's a savoury place to live. -- Margy


  1. You and your Mom seem to have a good time and a good lunch. the view from the restaurant is lovely.
    Tell your Mom hi for me.
    ~~ Your friend Betty ~~

  2. great job saving all that money. Your area looks beautiful and I'm glad you and your mom had a good time. (I used to WISH my name was Margy :)

  3. I'll have to try it out once of these days. The view looks lovely.


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