Saturday, September 12, 2009

Float Cabin Raising

Yesterday, Wayne and I helped our good friend John "raise" his new float cabin. John's been working for over a year in preparation for this day. First he had to find a logging company willing to sell him the large cedar logs he needed to build his floating foundation. That was no easy task. Once he had the logs, they had to be lashed together. That process was almost like sewing the logs together, only using 3/4" steel cables rather than thread.

Next, John had to build a raised deck and floor foundation on top of the float logs. Short walls (pony walls) constructed of 2X4's raised the decking and cabin flooring well above the floating logs. A small space between the floor boards and decking allows for drainage. It also allows for the replacement of deck boards, if needed, in the future without disturbing the cabin's foundation.

Then on the completed deck, John framed the four cabin walls. His dad, Ed, helped with architectural designs for the cabin. Using the printed diagrams, John cut and nailed the 2X4 wall frames to match. Today, it all came together. The following video will take you through the amazing process of cabin raising. For "cityfolk" like Wayne and I, it was amazing to watch and "help."

John, you are amazing. And Ed, your hard work on the design has come into being. What a team! -- Margy

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  1. That is amazing. I can't wait to see it when it is all done.


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