Saturday, April 04, 2009

There's nothing like that new ferry smell!

Wayne and I travel frequently between our home in Powell River, BC, and my mother's place in Bellingham, Washington. When we are alone, we usually travel by Pacific Coastal Airlines and the Quick Shuttle bus. But when Mom comes for a visit, we drive and take the ferries.

Today's trip included a ride on the new ferry for the Earls Cove to Saltery Bay route. Not only is it a new ferry for the route, it was a brand new ferry. The Island Sky is a 102-metre intermediate-class ferry that was built at the Vancouver and Victoria Shipyards. She holds 600 passengers and 125 vehicles.

The Island Sky began service on February 19, 2009, but today was our first chance to take a ride. And oh, there's nothing like that new ferry smell. There's a large and well appointed elevator if needed, and wide stairwells to get from the car deck to the passenger lounge. Or head on up to the sundeck for some fresh air, magnificent views and photographic opportunities.

The ship has a Coastal Express with a small gift shop and snack bar. Seating includes one section of tables and chairs, and the rest of the passenger area has comfortable chairs, all with great ocean and mountain views.

Bertha (Mom's big Buick) enjoyed her ride on the car deck. There are two lanes tall enough for semi-trucks and double-decker lanes for extra cars on each side. One thing I don't like about the new design is the open bow and stern. During stormy weather it won't be very pleasant. But on a warm, sunny, spring day like today, it's fine. I invite you to come ride our new ferry and visit my home town, Powell River, BC. -- Margy


  1. Lovely tour! My Muskoka is covered in snow. Hopefully, the sun will come up and it will melt. The lake is still covered in ice!

  2. That is one impressive ferry! seems more like a cruiseship! And amazing that it can hold all those cars. How long is the ferry ride to your place?

  3. Art and I rode the ferry a few weeks ago and it is fabulous. We were very lucky to have a spot at the front which allowed us to listed to our sattelite radio. It was very enjoyable.


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