Sunday, April 12, 2009

Maiden Voyage of the Nirvana II

Wayne loves boats, big and small. Several years ago he purchased a radio-controlled Coast Guard cutter to ply the waters of Hole in the Wall. All was fine until a huge tidal wave (actually a large work boat wake) capsized it. The battery compartment flooded and it never worked well after that.

Last summer we saw a neighbor drive out in his tin boat with a huge sail sticking up. We watched as he launched a radio-controlled sailboat in the narrows. Wayne was hooked. After several visits to Mike's RC World in Bellingham (well worth a visit if you are in the area, especially on car race day) and searching the Internet, he selected the Nirvana II.

The Nirvana II has a 32" hull and is 64" high from the keep to the top of the mast. One of the best things is that it comes almost completely assembled and includes everything you need to start sailing right in the box (except for the 12 AA batteries used for the hand-held controller and boat's receivers). You can choose from red, yellow or blue. If you know Wayne, you know he picked the snazzy red one!

On a sunny day this week Wayne took the Nirvana out for her maiden voyage. The 2- channel FM radio control system lets you control steering and the sail positions independently. They recommend selecting a day with light winds for the first sail. Even in the slightest breeze the Nirvana scoots along at quite a clip. It got all the away across the bay near John's boom before the distance became too great for the radio control unit. Then it was time to jump in the "mother ship" (our tin boat) and head out for a rescue. Living on the water has more than one benefit!

If you are interested in a simple, but professional radio-controlled sailboat, the Nirvana II gets two "rudders up" from Wayne and I. Check it out in more detail at their website There are specifications, testimonials and photos. It is available online or through a few affiliated club dealers. Happy sailing! -- Margy


  1. What great fun! Why should all the fun toys belong to children? This looks so much better than all the big, loud toys adults usually have. Have a great day.

  2. Oh that looks like a lot of fun....whta a great hobby.....hope you had a fantastic weekend....the sun is out today so I think I will be getting into the yard and cutting back on some of the brush....cheers

  3. That look like lots of fun.What did you do while Wayne was playing with his new toy. I hope you had a nice Easter~~ HUGS~~

  4. Looks very nice. The Nirvana is also one of my favorites.
    Going to create a quick description of her in my blog RC Sailboat Guide soon.

    Good luck with the wind :)


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