Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Us

One year ago today was a very happy day. It was the day Wayne and I became Canadian permanent residents. As far back as I can remember, I've been coming to Canada on vacations. Both of my parents were educators and summer camping trips often included crossing the border. I have many fond memories of those trips, camping in our tent in the woods and hanging out under the campground pavilion on rainy days.

Wayne and I continued the tradition. Most summers we would pack up our Piper Arrow 997 and head north to explore and camp throughout Canada. Then we discovered Powell River in 2000 and our floating cabin in 2001. This is a picture taken on our first day at the cabin. We camped on the deck while we waited for the deal to be final. Three straight nights of rain drove us indoors and we haven't wanted to leave since.

In 2006, shortly after our retirement, Wayne and I decided we wanted to live at our cabin full time. As visitors, we were limited to six months a year. That meant we would need to apply for permanent residency. With the help of a wonderful lawyer in Vancouver, we filed our application. There are lots of horror stories about the long wait for applicants. We were told to expect a minimum of two years, but were pleasantly surprised to get our approval in one year and seven months. Two months later we officially landed at the Peace Arch. It's hard to believe, but that was one year ago today. Time flies when you are having fun - and living up the lake is lots of fun. - Margy


  1. Happy anniversary! glad you are living your dream. not many people can say that.

  2. Congratulations and happy anniversary!

  3. Loved seeing this photo of your floating cabin! Congratulation on making your dreams come true!

  4. Congratulations. I am so glad you are doing what you always dreamed of doing. I am happy that I met you.~~Betty~~

  5. Congrats to my floating neighbours.


  6. Anonymous8:42 AM

    Congratulations and could you suggest the name of a good lawyer for those of us that would like to follow in your footsteps?


  7. Happy Anniversary Margy & Wayne...what a journey but it seems like it was well worth your efforts....

    I was trying to see when I first made contact with you and your blog, I see it was back in 2006....I was so excited to find your blog and read about all your adventures....and now here you are celebrating your 1st Anniversary with us....cheers to you both!

  8. Thank you to everyone for all of the congratulatory comments. I didn't mention in my post, but relatives on both sides of my family lived in Canada prior to coming to the States. I have always felt like I was coming home rather than moving to a different country.

    For Terry, send me a private message (there is a link in my profile) and I would be glad to give you the name of the lawyer we used. - Margy

  9. Oh Margy, what a wonderful cabin on the water!! It must be wonderful to wake up to! I loved this photo of you with your tent on the deck! Happy Anniversary dear!


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