Monday, February 16, 2009

Mouse On Board

On occasion, an industrious mouse will find his way into our cabin. Wayne and I hate to kill anything, but when a mouse moves into our living space, we have to do something. Before we knew better, we used poison and kill traps. Then we discovered there are live traps even for mice.

That's a good thing, because now we've discovered a mouse's nest tucked away in the dish cupboard of our Bayliner. The Bayliner is our ocean boat, and we keep it docked at the cabin all winter. We don't know for sure how he/she/they entered, but they must be evicted quickly before a ship takeover occurs.

The first trap we purchased was pretty expensive. It was made by Havahart and was designed to capture one mouse at a time. It has been a successful model for us, especially when it's baited with chunky peanut butter.

Then I discovered there are less expensive live traps for mice, including models that can trap more than one mouse at a time. So, last Christmas Wayne got a Victor trap in his stocking (is that better or worse than a lump of coal?). It's made of plastic and easy to use and clean. A little bit of peanut butter and the mice check in, but they don't check out -- at least not until you take them to their new home. -- Margy


  1. Anonymous1:15 PM

    Happy to know the mice get to find a new home, albeit not the grand life of the seas of which they had dreamed.

    Have been catching up on your posts and I just love the floating garden. Yours?

  2. I wish I had read this post before I left our cabin on Sunday! I just put out a couple glue traps cuz I think we might have a mouse. If all is well when we return this weekend - I'm going to switch them out for one of the ones you listed above.

  3. Hi, I updated my last post after you left your comment, I posted it before adding the text.

    We also have mice with having lots of fields and other places for the little critters, the problem is worse just as winter starts as they look for a food source and a warm place to nest.

    I will buy a live trap such as you use.


  4. So far no mice in our cabin but I'm glad to know there is a humane way to take take care of the little rascals.

  5. How cool and sweet that you decided to use live traps instead of simply "getting rid" of the mice killing them! I didn't know this kind of thing existed!

    Oh I miss visiting your page, it's great to know (late) that you guys had your first anniversary as Canadian residents, congrats!

    Kisses from Nydia.


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