Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Meet "Captain Bob"

If you've been reading my blog or any of Wayne's books in the Coastal BC Stories series, you know who John and Bro are. But some of the other names in my T'was the Night Before Christmas rendition may not have been as familiar. One of those was probably "Captain Bob." Bob is a good friend and fellow quad rider. Bob has a cabin "up the lake," but is probably best know for his skookum boat. Like many other Powell Riverites, he is very self-reliant and able to build anything. He started with a sturdy aluminum hull and custom made the cabin to create his own classic work boat.

You can always tell when Bob is heading up the lake because his boat is one of the biggest and definitely has the largest aft deck. In it he can haul lots of logging equipment and workers, tree planters or students heading to Rainbow Lodge for a outdoor experience. You can also tell it's Bob's boat by the prominant red Zodiak perched on top.

To those of us who ride quads, we also picture Bob's mightly boat hauling bikes to the head of Powell Lake for an excursion to remote spots few others get to see. Wayne and I were fortunate enough to meet up with Bob and some of his friends on one of those trips. Bob can fit quite a few quads and bikes in the back of his boat for such a trip. As far as a barge carrying eight quads, I used a little poetic license. But I did see another boat heading up the lake last summer doing just that.

Bob is just one of the great people who live in Powell River. Want to get to know our town and its people a little better? You can read the PEAK online to see what's happening. Maybe you'll read a story by Jeremy who just joined the PEAK staff. Go to YouTube and see some pretty interesing (if not unusual) videos. Or get one of the Coastal BC Stories books. I recommend Up the Lake. It is the first book in the series and has the most stories about my favourite place in the whole world, Powell Lake. -- Margy


  1. Anonymous9:32 AM

    Speaking of books about Powell Lake, have you read "The Eden Express: A Memoir of Insanity" by Mark Vonnegut?

    It's a story that details 2 years of his life: from college graduation to a psychiatric hospital in Vancouver.

    During those years he lived in a commune near Fiddlehead Farm (i think).

    I bought a copy for my sister and she said it was only alright.

    Anyone else know of any books about Powell Lake?

  2. We have a book called Mysterious Powell Lake by Carla Mobley. It was published in 1984 but is currently out of print. You can see it on Amazon but the price is outrageous. Sometimes the Powell River Historical Museum gets old books that they sell. We got a copy of Pulp, Paper and People that way. They will take your name on a waiting list if a book becomes available. There are also references to Powell Lake in a 1998 book by Bill Thompson called Once Upon a Stump. This one can still be purchased at the Museum across from Willingdon Beach. Two places you can check for Powell River books are the Library and the Museum Coles Books in the Mall and Breakwater Books on Alberni are also excellent bookstores for local books. -- Margy


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