Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Flying South on Victor 27

We were up bright and early at Siletz Bay Airport. We planned our fuel so we would be light for takeoff. A 3300 foot runway can be a little tight when our Piper Arrow is loaded. But with 10 gallons burned out of each wing and a cool morning were up and away with no problems.

We rejoined V27 southbound. Our intended destination was Arcata Airport (KACV) in Eureka, California, for fuel and brunch at the Silver Lining restaurant in the terminal. But at the California border we encountered low coastal clouds. A check of the ASOS told us that the weather was below minimums even for IFR. We picked McNamara Field (CEC) at Crescent City as our alternate. They have self-serve fuel, but no food unless you count the candy bars at the FBO. It was a good thing we saved our cheese cake from the Side Door Cafe the night before!

After a quick turn around and we were back on V27. Coastal clouds gave way to haze. We flew out over the water west of the busy San Francisco airspace on our way to Monterey Peninsula Airport (KMRY). This time we would fill both our tanks and tummies. On our last trip north in 997 we spent three days at Monterey waiting for alternator repairs. This time there was just enough time for a good meal at the Golden Tee restaurant while 997 guzzled her drink of choice just like a "Million Air."

In another two hours we completed our course on V27 and headed east into the Los Angeles basin. We landed at Cable Airport (KCCB) in Upland. While we do a little work in town, 997 gets a "spa" makeover with a WAAS upgrade to her Garmin 430 GPS and revitalizing treatment for her ailing autopilot. Our good friend David was waiting for us at Cable to give us a ride home. It may not be cheaper than flying commercially, but it is a whole lot more fun!! -- Margy

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