Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Powell Lake Fishing Adventure

Living on (literally on) a lake makes fishing a common activity. Each evening during fishing season, you can find us casting off our cabin deck at twilight. This is the time the fish in Hole in the Wall like to tease us with their leaping antics. They don’t mind being seen, but they are wily devils. It takes quite a few casts to entice one to take a lure. We are catch and release fisherpersons, so the sport is most often more fun than the capture.

Fishing season on Powell Lake, BC, runs from April 1 to October 31. You will need a freshwater fishing license if you are 16 years of age or older. Annual, one-day, and eight-day licences come in resident and non-resident formats. For BC residents, the annual license for $36 is the best bet, but if you are a visitor, the one day for $20 or the eight-day for $50 might work better. We go for the annual non-resident alien (we park our UFO on the cliff) license for $80. Licenses are easy to obtain at most sporting goods stores or guides. We always get ours at Marine Traders near the Powell River Wharf.

Powell Lake, and nearby Goat Lake, is known for its Cutthroat and Rainbow trout. We have had success both trolling and casting. We like to go to stream inlets (numerous in the late spring and early summer) where trout are more likely to congregate and feed on the churned up nutrients. At these locations, usually the first person to cast will catch the one and only fish. Word seems to get out that the humans are back – lay low. We use lures with crimped barbs to be legal and make our catch and release method easier.

When you arrive, get some fishing advice from local experts. Visit or call Marine Traders (Jim or George) or PROutdoors (Sam) for all of the local scoop. They can help you find guided trips and fishing hotspots. Also, stop in at the Visitor Centre to get maps and information about the many streams and lakes that are accessible by car or foot.

There’s still plenty of fishing season left, so head to Powell River and get your line wet. We have a big one waiting for you! -- Margy

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