Monday, July 30, 2007

Stick on Holiday

No, not that kind! Stick as in Stick Tail, our cat. When he adopted us, he arrived with a stubbed tail, the result of a close encounter -- of the coyote kind. Hence his nom de plume.

For the first twelve years, he rarely left his cozy Pomona condo. But then everything changed in a big way. First, it was the airline trip to Bellingham (Flying with My Cat). Next, it was the car trip to Powell River (Driving with My Cat). His trip to our float cabin was also his first boat ride (Stick on a Float).

I was afraid Stick might not adjust to all of these new experiences, but I underestimated his adaptability. I can't guarantee that your cat will react in the same way, but I know my worst fears didn't come to pass (International Traveling Feline).

Stick spent his summer holiday back in Powell River. This time he was an experienced traveler and settled into his vacation home quickly. Stick is an indoor cat, so it was quite a luxury for him to go outdoors, even though he was restricted to the confines of the float. He explored all of the decks and finally underneath.

Stick got to join Wayne in the Gemini, a boat reconfigured into a writer's retreat. It no longer has an engine, so it had to be towed out on the lake. Once there, Wayne and Stick were able to float for hours. Stick much prefered the silent floating to a noisy engine.

I think Stick was actually sad to say goodbye to the good times on Powell Lake and head back to the "big" city. Wouldn't you? I know we were!

Have you taken your cat on holiday? Let us hear your stories. -- Margy

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