Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Spring Cruise to Theodosia Inlet

Spring is a good time to cruise the Georgia Strait and Desolation Sound if you keep an eye on the weather. You can usually find several days in a row with warm sun and limited wind. One of my favorite destinations is Theodosia Inlet. When we went there last spring, we were the only boat.

To get to Theodosia you need to enter from Desolation Sound via Okeover Inlet. You're likely to see swirls and eddies of tidal currents on your way. Then its left up Lancelot Inlet until you reach the narrow winding entry into Theo.

It's best to enter is slack high tide because of submerged rocks and shallow water, but you'll see logging boats roaring in and out at all times. So, keep an eye on the horizon as well as the bottom.

The best anchorage is behind the island near the entrance to the inlet. From here you can see all the action at the logging dock and the gorgeous view of the snow capped peaks beyond Powell Lake. The inlet is a shallow lagoon with sloping shores where you can beach a dinghy. Hike the logging roads to see some of the interior. Try a little fishing.

The Theodosia River at the head is known for Steelhead from January through May, Cutthroat Trout from January through July, and Coho Salmon from September through October. This is also a good time to watch Bald Eagles fishing for a few salmon of their own. Ever catch a shark? The muddy bottom of the inlet is the home of many Dogfish. This abundant form of shark can live to 100 years of age and give birth to live young. In "Barbless Hooks" from Up the Main Wayne tells about an exciting (but harmless) shark encounter.

Want to try it by kayak? I recommend Powell River Sea Kayak. They are located in nearby Okeover Inlet and can provide you with tours, rental equipment and lessons. If you are in the market for one, they have new and used models. We got our "yellow banana" from them at the end of the season several years ago for a really good price. -- Margy


  1. I like your blogging bout kayak- and giving som tips about where to go if I get so lucky to travel to your oasis! Please give me a hint every time you do a kayak/wildlife blog!

    My kayak places (I'll have to start to give some guiding tips .. only picktures..)

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