Friday, April 13, 2007

Goat Lake Mountain Goats

The Pacific Weather Centre of Environment Canada called for northwest winds of gale force after frontal passage later in the day, so we decided to make our boat trip to Goat Lake a day trip. John and his dog Bro came up to the cabin to join us. Since we weren't going to spend the night, we all climbed aboard the Bayliner to travel together in style. To get to Goat Lake, you take the eastern arm of Powell Lake and then navigate up Goat River. With the lake levels so high, the river was wide and slow moving. Depths were good, but we still had to be watchful for submerged stumps and snags. This portion of the trip followed one leg of the famous Powell River Forest Canoe Route, a trip with 8 lakes, 5 portages and a total distance of 90 km (56 miles) starting at Lois Lake and ending at the Shinglemill Marina.

John spotted Mountain Goats on the extensive granite cliffs with his "eagle" eyes. Wayne and I needed binoculars to get much of a view. Their white puffy coats and leaping maneuvers made them stand out against the mottled grey stone.

We stopped at the head of Goat Lake for lunch. John and Wayne took quick trips in our dinghy up the Eldred River until shallow water and rapids turned them back. There's good fishing here in season.

On our return voyage down Goat Lake we spotted a River Otter sunning himself on a stump. He slipped quickly into the water. In Powell Lake a stately Trumpeter Swan paddled in the opposite direction. On a smaller scale, we saw mosquitoes for the first time this season and even a Water Strider skimming on the lake surface.

By the way, the wind never came as far inland as our cabin. But that's OK. We still had a wonderful trip to get a taste of spring. Would you like to read more about the lakes, trails and life in Coastal British Columbia? Go to for more information. -- Margy

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