Sunday, May 04, 2014

The Head of Powell Lake

We took an early spring trip to the Head. From our cabin it's about 16 klicks (10 miles) by boat to the beginning of Powell Lake where the Powell River enters.

We hoped to see roaring waterfalls and mountain goats on the lower cliffs, but found neither. I'm sure we didn't look hard enough for the goats. I don't think they've moved back up to the snowy high country yet.

I guess the lack of rain and cooler weather held back the spring runoff.
But we did get some beautiful reflections to enjoy along the way. -- Margy


  1. Margy nice photos, one comment its the Powell River that is at the head the Daniels flows into the Powell about 5 or 6 ks up the valley, i am not sure exactly how far back, Tom the snowman and i hiked in up there in 1974 and came to the Daniels River and took Nike Hudemka's trail up along the Daniels to his beautiful yellow cedar log cabin by Joan lake which is a small lake dammed by the beavers, i am actually not looking foreward to going up there because i remember how beautiful it was i know they have logged the hell out of it. thanks Rod

  2. Absolutelt stunning scenery!

  3. Stunningly gorgeous - the reflections are fabulous. Love the one with the wake from the boat.

  4. Thanks Rod. I went through maps and a Google search to see if it was the Powell River or the Daniels at the entrance to Powell Lake. I couldn't find a definitive answer. I was confused by the claim that the Powell River is the second shortest in the world. I know that they are talking about the part from the end of the lake out to the chuck. - Margy