Friday, December 21, 2012

Sunset in Steveston

This week I took a mini-vacation to one of my favourite places, Steveston, BC.  It is a historic fishing village turned into a great getaway, film location (Once Upon a Time and the upcoming Psycho prequel to name a few), place to live, and a fishing village.

Nearby Garry Point Park is a great place for walking, picture taking, and boat watching at the mouth of the mighty Fraser River.

It's also a great place to see spectacular sunsets. -- Margy


  1. It's one of our favourite spots to go in the summer to sit in the shade of the trees near the water. Have a merry Christmas, Margy.

  2. Great photos and post.. no mushrooms in Ohio.. just snow today LOL.. Merry Christmas

  3. Did I tell you my lunatic young brother rode his bicycle from 5th & Main in Vancouver to Steveston last summer, to decide if he wanted to try riding it all the way home to White Rock?
    He said, "Well, Steveston is a really nice place to go to." Um, yep, right, that's true.
    But he only took one picture with his cell phone, to prove to us he'd done it.
    I love the fact that you take mini-vacations there, Margy. Not far away in miles or kilometers, but far away in many more meaningful ways.*
    *unless you're on a bicycle


  4. Looks like a fabulous place for a mini vacation! Stunning sunset photos too!

  5. Stunning shots, Margy!

  6. Leslie - Mine too, but I also like the off season without all the crowds.

    Kay - A bit crazy with all the traffic, but there are lots of bike riders in Vancouver. I heard on the news that the mayor said that clearing bike lanes after a snow storm is going to be a bigger priority. Probably to avoid having so many cars slipping and sliding on the roads.

    Thanks everyone for stopping by to comment on my Skywatch post this week.