Thursday, May 03, 2007

Float Cabin Living - Do You Have Television?

I grew up in the golden age of television and it greatly influenced my life. In those days, the sets were big and heavy, but the pictures were small and grainy. Everything came in black and white. Programming was pretty much limited to old movies, sitcoms, game shows and, of course, the news. Cartoons were simple animations, but funny all the same (even funnier when I understood the innuendos). Every night stations signed off rather than switching to paid programming. To change the channel, you had to walk rather than click. Oh, those were the days.

When we got our float cabin, we could have installed satellite TV, but decided against it for several reasons. First, you need a good view of the southern sky. In the Hole in the Wall, the southern sky is partially blocked by tall trees. For best reception, the dish would need to be mounted on land. The float moves around even in a slight breeze. That would cause constant signal interruption. There are mobile versions for cars and boats, but now we are talking big bucks. We would need electricity to run the system, and for us that is very limited (Do You Have Power?). But most important of all, we didn't want the intrusion on our tranquility, even for a TV addict like me.

To keep in contact with the world we use radio. We can get public radio signals from Powell River (SUN.FM and JUMP) and beyond. As our big splurge, we subscribe to XM Satellite Radio. So, even though we can't SEE "Nancy Grace," we can HEAR her every word. If we really want to watch something, there are DVDs for our laptop. Or best of all, our "HDTV" screen to the real world, our sliding glass door. -- Margy

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