Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Summer 2021 Cruising Season

Jeff from Valley Marine launches us.

Summer 2021 was similar to the 2020 cruising season. After our extended stay in the States, we arrived in Powell River in mid-July. 

Border crossing rules shortened isolation requirements, so we got our Bayliner 2452 into Powell River's North Harbour earlier for a longer cruising season.

The last 2020 trip ended in a damaged damaged sterndrive so Halcyon Days was raring to go with a new leg and propeller.

We did a sea trial then went salmon fishing. Didn't catch anything, but enjoyed our Sunday on the chuck (salt water).

For our first and last cruises we went to Campbell River on Vancouver Island. It's a favourite destination for us. We stay at the Discovery Harbour Marina next to a large shopping centre. Rather than cook onboard we eat at restaurants like Moxie's, the Riptide Pub and A&W for breakfast. When salmon are running, it's fun to watch the action at the dock's fish cleaning stations.

The Campbell River docks and large floating office.

This was the summer for favourite destinations. Our compressed season and more windy storms than usual kept us close to Powell River. We're so lucky to live next to the Strait of Georgia and its world class boating.

Our second cruise started with a stop at the Heriot Bay Inn and Marina. It's an older resort on the west side of Quadra Island. Usually the docks are full in summer and the restaurant packed. There were only a few boats and the restaurant was closed. It looked like the RV park and pub were keeping them alive. It would be sad to lose them.

Outdoor pub service and ferry watching at Heriot Bay.

On the same trip we motored over to nearby Cortes Island to stay at the Gorge Harbour Resort. Like Heriot Bay, they tap into the RV market. The resort is upscale with a market, entertainment and the Floathouse Restaurant. It's a great spot for boat watching, especially big ones.

Gorge Harbour is protected by a narrow waterway between high cliffs.

Back in the hangar for winter.
After three cruises and several fishing trips (none successful) it was time to get Halcyon Days ready for winter. We contacted Jeff at Valley Marine to come pick her up.

After Jeff winterizes her systems, she'll go back to the airport hangar where she has a runway view and can rest up for the next cruising season. 

Do you go boating? Wayne and I enjoy the fresh air, meeting people, sleeping on board, and eating in restaurants. -- Margy

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  1. That Gorge Harbour is lovely - a perfect place to potter about in boats.

    1. It's a beautiful spot. On this visit there was a mother and calf Orca just inside the entrance. You had to be slow and careful to pass. - Margy

  2. Hi Margy,

    Sorry I missed some of the stories. The word "cruising" always catch my eye. So when not boating, are you in your condo or the cabin in BC?

    Some day, I'd love to cruise in the Northwest Pacific. We're still on the TN River. Didn't do much cruising this summer. It's been overly hot or rainy.


    1. Our boat is moored in Powell River so we can go out any time there is a good weather window. We spend late spring through early fall in our float cabin which is only 30 minutes from town. Handy. - Margy

  3. We launched at Campbell River in June and stopped in Heriot Bay on our way back after 10 days cruising in the Discovery Islands. It was a fun trip! So many beautiful places to visit.

    1. Sounds like a great trip. We circumnavigated Quadra once with anchorages along the east and northwest sides. But we do love Heriot Bay and Drew Harbour. - Margy

  4. I really enjoyed that trip! Since I sold my canoe, my boating days are over.

    1. We still have our sea kayak, but haven't taken it out for a few years. - Margy

  5. Must be wonderful to be enjoying the life you love on the water. Wonderful photos.

  6. Thank you for sharing your world of tuesday.

  7. A summer well-spent! :)
    Thank you for showing us these beautiful sights from your cruises, Margy.

  8. Margy - beautiful sights. Our "boating" is kayaking and pack rafts - we are the motors!!!!

  9. How fun...another boater. We have a Sea Ray Sundancer 340. We enjoy cruising on her.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend, Margy. ♥

  10. Looks like you enjoyed a good summer on the water. Thanks for sharing.

  11. love the shot with the water swell (I think it is called) I always loved seeing that. :)

  12. A wonderful adventure. I've never been boating.


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