Sunday, September 20, 2020

Coastal BC Birds: Steller's Jay

Steller's Jay
Swinging on the feeder.
This week I heard a familiar cry from the granite cliff next to our float cabin home. It was a Steller's Jay. I discovered their presence in our area in 2017 when one arrived to enjoy some seed at my homemade twirling bird feeder. If one wasn't annoying enough, in 2018 five arrived at once.

Last year I didn't see any before we left for a fall RV trip to Arizona. This year were are staying longer up the lake due to the COVID situation. Yesterday, a single Jay arrived and loudly announced his presence. This morning he played the part of a rooster to wake us up.

Steller's Jays are member of the Corvid family including ravens, crows, and magpies. They can be annoying at times, but they are still a welcome visitor to our off-the-grid home. -- Margy 
P.S. This is the first post I've written with the new version of Blogger. It has been a horrible experience trying to write and edit. If you use Blogger, what has been your experience? Any tips you have would be greatly appreciated. 

Thanks for visiting my post this week. I'm linking up with Saturday's Critters. Check them out for more great animal pictures. -- Margy


  1. Whenever I think of the wonderful birding trips I have made to BC, Steller's Jay is one of the species that springs quickly to mind. It is a wonderful species.

  2. ...I wonder how squirrels would attack that bottle feeder?

  3. The various species of jay we've seen when traveling are always very satisfying, as they are often very elusive and hard to photograph.

    I used the new blogger interface a little at a time until I got used to it, and now that the old one has disappeared, I'm not as frustrated as I expected to be.

    stay safe... mae at

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  5. What a pretty bird. I've never seen one live.

  6. What a beautiful photos and video of this beautiful jay.
    Greetings Irma

  7. Hello,

    They are beautiful Jays, I always enjoyed seeing them when I was traveling out west. Take care, enjoy your day! PS, thanks for visiting my blog.

  8. Beautiful bird. Would love to see it in person. Have a wonderful week.

  9. Sweet photos of a gorgeous blue jay ~ ^_^

    New Blogger can be frustrating at times ~ they still haven't got the 'bugs' out they indicate ~ I guess ~

    Live each moment with love,

    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  10. They are so gorgeous, I've never seen them before! Thanks for sharing :)

  11. It's a very cute bird, very interesting. If I'm not mistaken, this bird mimicing another birds species. From the Corvid family, I like the crow the most.
    I know, it's not wonderful to wake up when the sleep is sweeter; at first you frown then you smile: the charm of nature. :)
    Happy days!

  12. P.S. Your article looks great. You seem to know better than me. This is great. :)
    I don't like the new Blogger either, but I'm starting to learn. If you have a question, please ask me; I will gladly help you if I know.
    I don’t know how to access all labels, for example. I think that this option is not available in the new interface. It seems that the option no longer exists. :(

  13. that is a cool looking Jay :) I did not think the change to Blogger was that big. You mainly had to find out the new layout. :)

  14. We saw lots of blue jays when we lived in California and now only occasionally see Steller's jays in Washington. They can certainly be raucous but I miss them now that I don't see them so much.

  15. I've been playing around with old and new blogger. It is frustrating!
    We've been in a bubble here, with the grandies. I am so angry my daughter's FIL (Cdn. citizen married to a US) was told NOT to visit. He's coming anyway, spending two weeks in TOronto. Some people have no sense.

  16. They are such beautiful blue ...mostly what we have here are their plainer cousins, the ScrubJays but I see the Stellars occasionally. Either way, they are definitely as noisy as crows and they scatter the little feeder birds whenever they appear. .... the pandemic has definitely cramped our travel plans too, but I try to remember to be grateful for all we have (“try” does not mean I am always successful.).

  17. I remember Steller's Jays when we lived in Colorado Springs. I love Jays. They complain quite a bit if the feeder hasn't been refilled. For all labels in Blogger, type in the first letter of one you remember, and it will bring up a list of many old labels whether that letter is in them or not. Didn't have too much problem with my last post, but it is frustrating figuring out the methods of putting in content that makes it happy.

  18. Hello Margy,
    I just wanted to stop back and say thank for linking up your post. I love and enjoyed seeing the Stellar Jays, they are beautiful. Take care, enjoy your day!

  19. Considered shifting to Word Press?
    Blogger I feel is outdated. Even if they are updating.

    Meanwhile that is one handsome guy. And I love your Bird feeder and would learn how to make one. Any tutorials available Margy.

    Good to see you on #WW

  20. What a sweet little bird, great colors! I'm also using blogger and still adjusting, no tips as yet.

  21. Margy - How blessed you are to get such clear shots of this Jay. I hear them often and see flashes of them, but rarely in such plain view. Don't they look like they landed in a bucket full of blue paint?

    I have been able to figure out most things with Blogger, with the exception of how to add a caption without messing up the formatting. If you have a question, I promise to do my best (but keep your expectations low!) Enjoy your weekend!

  22. Oh my...reading your "note" about the new blogger. OH MY gosh, my first post I about pulled my hair out. I still have moments of...well cussing it while I work. It's a real pain. But what a lovely bird! Oh man, I've never seen one. Simply beautiful.
    Dawn aka Spatulas On Parade


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