Saturday, November 09, 2019

Wayne and Margy's Snowbird RV Adventure Update

Wayne and I planned for months for our first Snowbird road trip in the RV we purchased last April.

This time of year it gets darker, colder and wetter at our float cabin on Powell Lake. Sun and warmth are calling. Just like the geese, we are migrating south.

An early November departure was perfect to beat snow and ice in the pass between Oregon and California, and we skipped winterizing our RV. That was a win-win.

We picked a Forest River Sunseeker 2250 specifically for this adventure. We like the small size for maneuverability and easy parking. It's been a perfect rig for us even on long trips.

The overall 24'4" length of the Sunseeker packs in a lot of living space.

We've planned a three part trip.

Part 1 - We left Bellingham on November 4. For 43 days we explored and camped our way from Washington to Southern California. In mid-December, we put the RV into storage in Southern California, went to USC for basketball and then flew back to Bellingham for a break. You can reading about this leg of our trip by visiting my Margy Meanders Blog and scrolling down.

Part 2 - starts in early February when we fly south to pick up our RV. We'll drive to Arizona for more exploring and a stay in Tempe for Arizona State University softball. Are you seeing a trend here? College sports? In late February we'll store our RV in Tucson then fly back to Bellingham for a second break. You can keep up with us by visiting my Margy Meanders Blog.

Camping in public parks gives you more privacy and nature.

Part 3 - starts in late March. We'll fly to Tucson to pick up our RV for the final leg. There'll be more ASU softball before heading back north. We hope to make it to Oregon State University for more softball, and anticipate arriving back in Bellingham in mid to late April, after all of the freezing weather has passed.

Private RV parks offer more amenities and full hookups.

Does this sound complicated for a relaxing winter vacation? Maybe, but we aren't the kind of Snowbirds that like to stay in one spot. Our good friend John says we live a complicated simple life. But that's the way we like it.

Come along with us at my Margy Meanders Blog to see what's happening on our Snowbird RV Adventure. I'll write posts along the way when we have Internet. I hope you enjoy our trip as much as we do. -- Margy


  1. I wish you the best on your adventures. I'm not feeling so adventurous! My son is bringing his wee ones to visit us. It'll be fun!

  2. Hope you have a great time with this type of vacation you have chosen. If it all works out as planned you will see a good deal of different country.

  3. Margy - "a complicated simple life" - totally appropriate for you. I find complexity brings joy through different experiences. Looking forward to being on the ride with you both!

  4. We took our first RV trip in Alaska a few years ago and I was surprised at how much we enjoyed it. It was a 32 foot with our daughter, her husband and our two granddaughters. Later did the same in Arizona and had a great time. Your plans are so appealing.

  5. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I always enjoy seeing new visitors! Your road trip looks amazing! Enjoy every moment!

  6. When an adventure! Good for you! I saw a flock of storks this morning and wanted to travel with them.

  7. Sounds like a fascinating adventure ~ Have fun! Be safe and enjoy each moment ^_^

    Happy Day to You,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  8. Hi! It looks very fun to travel by camping car. Thanks for sharing.


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