Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Riding the Duck Lake Forest Service Road Region

Westlake Woodlands logging map.
We went on a fall quad ride to explore the region you can access from the Duck Lake Forest Service Road. We invited our good friends Dave and Marg to join us. First, we enjoy riding with them. Second, Dave knows the trails around Powell River much better than we do.

We went on a Sunday when loggers know to look out for the public on our backroads.

We drove south of town to the junction of Highway 101 and Duck Lake Forest Service Road, a well maintained backcountry mainline.

Parking out of the way on a side sput.
A short ways up the dirt road are spots to park.

The area in which we rode was part of the Westlake Woodlands managed by locals Doug and Ron Fuller. They offer a free online map that can be used with Avenza GPS map app to track your route.

Dave, Marg and their dog Crystal.
Unfortunately, we didn't take ours since Dave was leading. It would have been a great reference for future rides.

While I can't share the exact route, we left Duck Lake Main to follow several old logging roads through the lush second growth forest.

The Blue Trail Connector back to Duck Lake Main.

Many old roads and trails are maintained by local ATV, biking, horseback riding and hiking organizations. Being close to town, they are well used and enjoyed by many. Yet, on our ride we didn't see any other quad riders and only one hiking group and a man walking his dog.

East Lake

We stopped at East Lake for a picnic. There are log benches, a fire ring and a dock that would enjoyable especially in summer.

Picnic stop.

We continued through the area with a stop at West (Hammil) Lake. The weather was already changing from mostly sunny to mostly cloudy.

Clouds hovering over West Lake.

We'll go back on our own to explore the Duck Lake area while our quads are stored in town.

A rare picture of us together thanks to Dave.

Thanks Dave and Marg for sharing your trail knowledge and friendship with us. If you come to visit Powell River, I highly recommend using Duck Lake Forest Service Road as a starting place to explore the backcountry. -- Margy


  1. Replies
    1. Yes it is, and because of our location it is uncrowded - perfect for exploring. - Margy

  2. What a lovely area!

    1. It always amazes me to find places like this just a few miles from town. I grew up in the big city and it took long drives to get anywhere natural, and even then it was crowded. - Margy

  3. Looks like good fun - there were a couple of times on my walk in Tasmania when I Quad would have been good - deep mud is not a walkers friend!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

    1. Quads can take quite a bit of mud and water and if you go at a steady pace it doesn't splash too much. - Margy

  4. Nice to see you together! Watch out for logging trucks... I've heard they drive aggressively.

    1. Yes, it is rare to catch both of us in the same shot. The roads we were on were old and unused for active logging, plus we went on a Sunday when truckers watch out for the public with more care. - Margy

  5. This trip looks like fun!


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