Tuesday, November 06, 2018

Guest Blogger at Terra do Milho in Portugal

The Terra do Milho website.
My digital world reaches far and wide. One stop is the Homestead Blogger's Network,  a community of bloggers writing about self-sufficiency. I found a post about the chop and drop method of dealing with garden waste in a positive way. I left a comment and was surprised to get a personal email from Monique, the author. If you are interested in chop and drop, you can read her post at her Terra do Milho website in Portugal.

A garden image from Monique's blog.
Monique is a farmer and homestead consultant. Her partner Tom is a comedian, farmer and homestead host at Terra do Milho in Portugal. They share their knowledge and experience with others in person with organic farm-stay holidays, consulting services, permaculture design courses, blog and social media publications.

Here are links for more information about Terra do Milho:

Terra do Milho Website
Terra do Milho Blog
Terra do Milho Facebook Page
Monique's Posts on Homestead Blogger's Network

Monique visited my blog and was intrigued with float cabin living and gardening. She invited me to write a guest and I was glad to share a bit of my world with her readers. Here's a sneak peak and a link to the whole article on her blog.

Go to the Terra do Milho blog to read the whole story.

One thing I love about the Internet is being able to travel the world at the click of a key. How about you? -- Margy

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