Saturday, August 26, 2017

Simple Garden Hoop Tunnel

Float garden hoop tunnel to provide protection.
In June I attended a meeting of the Powell River Garden Club. The guest speakers came from our local Mother Nature gardening center and focused on fall and winter gardens. In order to get ready to harvest crops during colder months, planting needs to occur during mid-summer.

"Frost Blanket" cloth from Canadian Tire.
Even though Powell Lake is in plant hardness Zone 9a, we get hot, dry summers. For delicate crops, I decided to create a simple garden hoop tunnel. During summer it provides extra shade for sprouting seeds. When winter comes, it provides relief from freezing temperatures.

Simple Garden Hoop Tunnel Construction

I purchased the following items:
Items I had on hand:

Screws and wire to secure the pipes.
The Rona yard worker cut the 20' PVC pipe into three equal sections to make it easier to transport and ready to use. Two cuts cost $2.

I built my garden hoop tunnel at one end of the raised bed in my float garden. I pushed the two ends of each pipe section into the soil to the bottom of the bed. The side boards held the bent PVC, but ensure they remained in place Wayne screwed and wired them in place. If you don't have a raised bed you can drill deep holes to seat the poles.

The three hoops in place over a cleared bed.
I used plastic coated plant tie wire I had on hand to connect the hoops together. I cut the Frost Blanket to fit and draped it over the hoops. I used clothes pins to attach it to the wire on top and along the sides. I also pinned it to the plastic fencing around the sides of the beds.

Right now the top cover provides shade during the heat of the day.

When winter comes I'll enclose both ends to help keep in the warmth. Do you use hoop tunnels in your garden?  I would love to hear about your experiences. -- Margy


  1. Good idea. I have a simple, and bit smaller hoop set that I got at the dollar store. I replaced the flinsy plastic with some thicker stuff and use it in the spring as my mini greenhouse,

    1. I thought about that as well. I always save heavy plastic from packaging. Our new sofa came fully encased. It's been good to use in the garden as needed and hasn't had to go to go into the trash (at least so far). - Margy

  2. Wow - great idea. I've never used hoops but it sure does make good sense. Happy week ahead.

  3. Your garden is looking good. I've never used hoops either but something to look into. I've also been hearing about Winter gardens. Something I didn't know we could do in these parts. I barely get my summer garden in but perhaps in future I'll work on a Winter garden too. Always good to have to much to do as opposed to too little.

    1. This is my first year with a true winter garden. I'll see if it is worth the extra work. - Margy


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