Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Finishing the New Front Deck

Attaching the new front deck to our main float.
On June 20 I shared about our new front deck. John built the structure down at his place and towed it into place at our cabin. It uses two large cedar logs and 55-gallon plastic barrels for flotation. The decking is 1x6 cedar boards with a full length Bull Rail from 2x4s.

Next came painting. That was a Wayne project. We had plenty of redwood coloured stain left from our other decks to make it match

Wayne painted the new deck with stain to match.

We use REZ Solid Colour Stain from Canadian Tire. We've used it for years and it works especially well when applied to fresh wood surfaces. And it is frequently on sale, a huge plus.

I selected plants in pots to move down to the new deck.

Next came a Margy project. I selected plants in containers for decorative purposes and weight. We don't like heavy items on our main cabin deck. The keeps our cedar log foundation floating higher to reduce waterlogging.

John replaced our old swim ladder with a new one to reach the deck.

The last step was to build a new ladder leading down from our upper deck. That was primarily a John project, but Wayne helped hold boards in place and I handed out tools as necessary.

Our float cabin hole at Hole in the Wall, Powell Lake.
We are really pleased with the final product. There's lots more space for my plants. There's an extra dock for guests to park their boats. And we have more space to enjoy the outdoors. Again, a huge thank you to John, the master aquatic engineer. -- Margy


  1. You work so darn hard. I'm sure you are all healthy! Hubby just got bitten by a horse today. It's been a funny start to summer! P.S. weevils, sigh. Deerflies here... agh!

  2. Replies
    1. The best part is I have more space for plants. The worst thing is I have more space for plants. - Margy

  3. What an interesting life you must live there!

    1. It's perfect for us. Yours sounds pretty great too! -Margy


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